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Communication: Minor confession time

Ok.  During the last week of 2015, I purchased a Kindle book titled “365 Journal Writing Ideas” by Rossi Fox in an attempt to challenge myself to do more journal writing in 2016.  I had all kinds of hope for my new blog that’s barely three months old now.

However, on January 1st, I did not post on time.  In fact, during this month I haven’t done a daily journal post so I am already off to a bad start.   It really bothers me too that I started this project like this.

But, TODAY, I am going to stop beating myself up about this and spend the next couple of weeks getting caught up with two posts a day.  By February 1st, I should be back to one journal prompt per day.

What makes me think I can do TWO journal posts a day when I couldn’t keep up with one?  I don’t know.  But I know I don’t want to spend the whole year being behind on this project, or else I will give up on it very early.

I have never seen this book before I purchased it so I don’t know what every single prompt will be.  My goal is to respond however I’m feeling that day and not back down from whatever the prompt is.  Some prompts may be easy and others may not.  Some prompts may even make me uncomfortable to answer but I am going to do my best at this to get through all 365 prompts.  Sounds like a daunting task.  I just have to remember the end goal, 365 journal prompts for 2016 by writing daily.

Failure is definitely not on my list of “Things to accomplish in 2016”.

Here We Go!