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Capture: A little of my night photography in DC

It has been on my mind to get to Washington DC and record a video at night of the some of the monuments but work has been so busy with deadlines and covering people who were on vacation, and working over my regular hours, etc., that I had zero energy after the workdays to actually GO to DC.

Then I remembered I had printed photos of the last time I went to DC with my camera at night.  Just thought I would share a couple or so.

Capture: Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

Today’s Capture

I took this photo a couple of Christmases ago but it’s a favorite. I couldn’t afford the Christmas tree I wanted but worse than that, I lived in an apartment and didn’t have the space for the Christmas tree I wanted. So I bought a tabletop Christmas tree and was happy with that.

I tried to get a shot of the colored lights/bokeh in the same frame with a glass of apple cider on the kitchen counter. I know it’s not the best photo, technically, but I really enjoy this image.

Last day of 2015. Ready to begin anew.

Last day of the holiday season. Glad the stress of it all is finally over.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve tonight, and (hopefully) your day off tomorrow.

First goal of 2016: Buy my new 2016 desk calendar and spend some time plotting and planning to fill it up. That is always a fun day for me.

Geez, I’m such a nerd sometimes. 🙂


Capture: Chinatown Cats

While walking through Chinatown (in DC) one day, I stumbled upon this colorful collection of cats in a display window.


Capture: Come on back, summer concerts…..I’m cold. :-)

With this week’s colder weather, I am already missing the outdoor concerts.

My last one was in August with Floetry, Anthony Hamilton and Eryka Badu.   Enjoyed seeing/hearing all performances.

DSC00768 DSC00789 DSC00817


Capture: What is your favorite season?

IMG_20151106_210045I LOVE THE FALL!