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Communication: Standstill

Seems I am at a standstill with my writing.

I am no longer interested in the daily prompt because I feel like I need to write something more personal, substantial than what I’ve been writing.  I may only need to take some time to review the prompts to see if anything interests me again.

But having/taking/making the time to write like I want to isn’t something that I can do in one day when my head is in all the problems of my life right now.   I need uninterrupted time and I need other things to be done/taken care of in my life before I feel free enough to write.  It’s a miracle that I’m even doing this post now but I feel as though I should explain to my handful of readers why I haven’t been posting.

I was supposed to do a writing challenge for the first week of August.  Yet, here we are in the second week of August and I haven’t even written the first post of the challenge.

I need to get to the bottom of what is keeping me from writing.