Autumn colors at BWI

As I was returning to BWI, I grabbed my phone to get a shot of the autumn colors of the trees below.    Unfortunately, I forgot to turn my phone sideways to get a better video, but you can still see the trees/colors.



Cruise #9 is in the books

Well, another cruise has been completed.  This makes my 9th cruise since 2000.  However this one was not planned by me.    But, I tell you, it pays to be ready for the spontaneity of life.  My passport was current and nearby.

A friend called less than two weeks before the sail date and asked if I could take a vacated spot, and I was ready!   Being single and childfree allowed this last minute trip to happen.  No husband to “check with”, and no kids to find babysitters for, so I was free to pack my suitcases.

This trip was on Royal Caribbean’s ship Grandeur of the Seas.  It was a five night cruise and we sailed from Baltimore to Bermuda.  I’d been to Bermuda before so I had the chance to return to Horseshoe Bay Beach with its pink sand.  Not quite as pink as the sand on a beach I went to in Hawaii, but it was a close second.  I like Horseshoe Bay Beach and whenever I’m in Bermuda, I will go there again.

We had quite a bit of rain one morning, but it cleared up and the weather was fine after that.

I finally figured out how to do panoramic photos with this latest camera.  The first few tries from a trip to Pittsburgh, I struggled with the timing but I got it right this time, so I do have a couple of those pics at the end of this video/slideshow.

Cruise #10 is coming up in a couple of months, but for 2017, I’m going to try something different for vacation/traveling.

Here are some photos from this cruise.

Italy/Spain 2013 Trip

Here are some photos and video clips from my trip to Venice, Italy and Barcelona, Spain.  It was quite an adventure for me to research, plan, and actually get there.   The funny but not really funny thing about  this trip……after MONTHS and MONTHS of researching and planning this trip, I had it scheduled for October 17th, but then we were furloughed on October 1st.  Kinda freaked me out because I’m not used to not working.  The day we went back to work was the same day and my flight that night.  As soon as my work day was done, I went to the airport and took my trip.

Two and a half years later, I wish I could go again.

Commute: MLKJr Day – Statue

For MLK Jr day today, I wanted to share a few of my photos from an earlier trip I took to DC specifically to visit this statue ON the MLK Jr. holiday.

I remember it being cold and windy of course as it was January, but thankfully, no precipitation, like the snowflakes we had yesterday, much to my surprise when I woke up.

I was surprised at the great number of people that were there on the same day.  It was good to see families there since the kids were not in school.  The statue was bigger than I expected, as I hadn’t seen it in person before then, only on the local news.

If you haven’t seen it, add it to you list of things to see when you visit  Washington DC.






















Commute: Ocean City, MD

During the summer I managed to throw in a quick mid-week road trip to Ocean City, MD.

It was during a time when I was desperate to get a break in my routine but didn’t want to travel too far nor spend too much money.  In fact, I took it midweek to save the cost of the hotel during the busy summertime at the last minute and on a holiday.  So sometimes you might have to take adjustments to get a vacation.  It was a case of ‘I’ll take what I can get”.  🙂

Enjoyed the solo trip on the boardwalk and at the beach.  Might have to do that again this summer.



Commute: Oh natural light!

I traveled to Leesburg, VA for a wedding last month.   Seeing this venue was worth the long drive out there.  Thank goodness for my friend that made the drive go quickly and kept me from getting lost when my GPS failed me during a certain part of the trip.

This venue is what I imagine a real photographer dreams of…..a room FULL of huge windows to let in that natural light.  We regular amateur/hobbyist photographers love it too.  So I grabbed this quick photo as we were coming in, and before it got crowded.  After the ceremony and while we were all inside the mansion enjoying very tasty appetizers and drinks, this same area was transformed for the reception.

The place is called Raspberry Plain, in case anyone is interested in reserving it for your own event.  DSC01139

Commute: Pittsburgh at night

I decided I needed to get a visit in with the folks and friends in Pittsburgh before the winter snow arrives.  I am not a fan of snowy road trips unless it snows while I’m at work and I HAVE to drive to get home.  I wanted to wait until Thanksgiving but I once experienced that holiday traffic where my 4hr trip turned into 7.5 hours, one way!   I promised myself, NEVER EVER AGAIN will I travel on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving nor the Sunday after.  Since then I have traveled ON Thanksgiving Day and returned the Saturday after.   Those days seem to be the safest to travel during Thanksgiving….and early in the morning both ways for the road trip.  But this year I am working the day after Thanksgiving so last week’s trip will probably be my last 2015 trip to Pittsburgh.So, I thought I’d better get some pictures while I was in town.  Now that I’m away from Pittsburgh, I always want to take photos while I’m there.   I seem to see things differently when I’m there.  And things are changing all the time now with new construction, old construction, different people.  It seemed like it never changed all the years I lived there.  Ha ha.  Now, when I return, I notice what’s different.

When I drove into the downtown area, it seemed so dark, not because of the time of day, but because Macy’s/Kaufman’s was dark.  At first I thought it was because of the big reveal for Light Up Night, like they usually do every November.  I used to get so excited about going downtown for Light Up Night.  Then I remembered reading a story about Macy’s/Kaufman’s was closing.  I can’t remember when I read that story but as I was driving past it, I realized they really were closed.  It was sad.  Kaufman’s was there all my life and to see it so dark, this close to Christmas was kind of creepy.   I felt like a stranger for sure because it didn’t seem like the same place.

Since I had to make a detour after seeing the construction, I noticed a lot of different things on the next block.  It felt unrecognizable to me.  But when I arrived at the hotel, checked in, and made it to my room, I was relieved as I opened the curtain and saw this view.

This was the Pittsburgh I remembered.


(Sorry about the dates on the photos.  I forgot to turn that off first).

DSC01119 DSC01129 DSC01135 DSC01137